Recent Event – Public Sector Internal Audit Conference

March 2017

Recent Event – Public Sector Internal Audit Conference

Speaker Cathy Blunt PFIIA CIA, Principal, OCM

28-29 March 2017

QT, Canberra


The Institute of Internal Auditors-Australia recently hosted the 13th annual Public Sector Internal Audit Conference with the theme of “Keeping services online during digital transformation”, the 2017 conference explored some of the unique challenges the public sector faces during its ongoing transition to digital government services. The program featured a variety of strategic and technical sessions, along with interactive discussion forums, plus optional workshops to discuss technical elements in greater depth. There was first-hand insights on stakeholder expectations and management vision, coupled with expert opinions on audit and risk issues arising from digital transformation, as well as insights on internal audit approaches in addressing changing organisational needs.

OCM’s QLD based audit specialist and Chair of the IIA Global Audit Committee, Cathy Blunt, conducted Workshop 1 on Day 2 (Wednesday, 29 March) between 8:30 – 12:30 which focused on Assurance mapping – Identifying assurance gaps and covering your bases. Discussion included how Assurance mapping can be a powerful tool to enable visualisation over all assurance activities within an organisation, both internal and external, as they apply to the organisation’s risks. This workshop worked through the assurance mapping process which can be practically applied in all organisations no matter how big or small. Learning outcomes included:

  • How to link enterprise risk management with the assurance map
  • How to build a framework to manage and assess the quality of assurance coming from assurance providers within your organisation
  • Understanding the boundaries and responsibilities of the various assurance functions
  • Discovering the building blocks of constructing an effective assurance map

Key areas covered included:

  • Identifying the essential enterprise risk management elements needed for assurance mapping
  • Identifying which assurance providers can be included, and knowing why
  • Using the assurance map as an internal audit planning tool
  • Knowing how to assess the extent of the assurance coverage for each process and sub-process
  • Identifying various alternatives to consider when assessing potential gaps and / or duplicate coverage areas
  • Strategies for building a practical assurance mapping action plan for CAEs

Cathy is a Principal of OCM with over 20 years of internal audit experience. Cathy is responsible for the management and delivery of OCM’s internal audit services to clients within the public and private sector within Queensland. Prior to joining OCM, Cathy was the internal audit manager at Griffith University for over seven years and also previously worked in Federal and State Government, at Deloitte and the Bank of Queensland. Cathy holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Business Administration in addition to her qualifications of Certified Practising Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor® and Certified Information Systems Auditor. Cathy is a Fellow of the IIA-Australia and Fellow of CPA Australia.  Cathy was a Director of IIA-Australia from 2008 – 2015, holding the office of President from 2011 to 2013. Cathy was the Australian representative on the IIA Global Board until she was appointed as the Chair of the IIA Global Audit Committee and Director-at-Large on the Global Board in 2016. She was also a member of the IIA Professional Certifications Board. 

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