Support OCM’s Teams in the Oxfam Sydney 50km Walk

Following OCM Melbourne’s successful Oxfam walk earlier this year, two teams from OCM Sydney will challenge themselves on the Oxfam Sydney 50km walk in August walking from the Hawkesbury to the Harbour.

Each team is aiming to raise at least $5000 for Oxfam Australia to help tackle poverty worldwide.


(L-R) Alastair, Kellie, Andrew, John, Alf, Sarah


Taking on this epic 50km challenge will be:
The Real A Team: Sarah Mullins, Kellie McLeod, Pamela Robertson-Gregg, John Renshaw
Professional Dawdlers: Andrew Marsden, Andy Pack, Alastair Fuller, Alfred Said


OCM is proud to sponsor and support Oxfam. 

Make your tax-deductible donations for The Real A Team and Professional Dawdlers today!