Governance Risk Management and Compliance Service

Our experienced GRC practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds and industry sectors and have assisted many of our clients  to develop and implement practical, cost effective and efficient GRC solutions to enable them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Policies and Procedures Development

In today’s workplace, driven by legislative change and increasing regulation, the need for effective workplace policies and procedures has never been more important. OCM can assist organisations to develop well defined policies and procedures that allow employees to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and allow management to guide operations without constant intervention. 

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Policies and procedures provide consistency in operational activities and also provide clarity to staff when dealing with accountability issues or activities that are of critical importance to your organisation such as, health and safety, legal liabilities, regulatory requirements or issues that have serious consequences.

OCM’s team are experienced in developing policies and procedures that are practical and reflect the organisational context whilst addressing at times complex legislative requirements. When developing policies and procedures we ask a number of key questions including:

  • What problem is the policy/procedure trying to solve?
  • On what values is the policy based?
  • How will the policy/procedure be implemented?


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Risk Management Policies, Frameworks and Assessments

Effective risk management can enhance your organisation’s performance helping you to make better decisions, take advantage of opportunities, improve governance and encourage safer work practices. OCM assists organisations to design risk management frameworks that enable them to demonstrate care and diligence and enhance stakeholder confidence.

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Every day managers in organisations think about risk, making decisions after considering the risk versus reward dynamic. Managers also have an obligation demonstrate their response to risk, to enable them to do so effectively the risk management system should be specifically designed to meet organisational needs.

OCM’s team have extensive experience in developing and reviewing risk management systems that reflect the better practice guidance contained in AS ISO 31000: 2013 Risk Management. We can help your organisation manage its strategic and operational risks by offering the following services:

  • Building Risk Management Frameworks including Policies
  • Enterprise Risk Identification and Risk Workshop Facilitation
  • Development of Strategic and Operational Risk mitigation strategies
  • Evaluation of Risk Management Systems


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Corporate Compliance Frameworks

A well designed compliance framework allows your organisation to demonstrate its commitment to compliance with relevant legislative requirements, industry codes, organisational standards, corporate governance standards, and ethics and community expectations. OCM can help you to design a framework that assists you to meet your obligations and reduces the risk of your organisation of non compliance.

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When integrated with existing risk management, governance and management practices, a compliance framework will help an organisation achieve its business strategy and objectives.

Compliance frameworks are important elements of corporate governance in Australia. Increasingly courts are considering an organisation’s commitment to compliance when determining the penalty for legislative breaches. An effective compliance program provides an opportunity to not only improve organisational performance, but also reduce the cost of failing to meet legal and other obligations.

Our experienced staff can assist you to develop a compliance framework appropriate to the size and complexity of your business. Our methodology follows the requirements of AS ISO 19600: 2015 to ensure that the framework is integrated with your organisation’s key obligations.


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Board and Audit Committee Effectiveness

The way the Board and Audit Committee are structured and operate can have a direct impact on the ability of your organisation to meet its strategic objectives. OCM can assist you to review the effectiveness of the Board and\or Audit Committee leading to improvements in the quality of governance, boardroom discussion and decision-making.

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Boards and Audit Committees require continual improvement to enhance and improve their performance and deliver better results for the organisation. An effectiveness review ensures that your Board/Committee is appropriately structured and operating according to best practice governance principles.

Our staff have extensive experience with board operations and governance reviews, including as members of audit and risk committees, boards and other board committees. OCM can assist Board and Audit Committee in a number of ways including conducting assessments, provide tools for self assessment and conduct surveys.


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Project Governance

Project governance provides a framework to guide project success, create transparency and confidence in decision making, clarify roles and responsibilities and consider stakeholder interests. OCM are focussed on assisting our clients to apply a business focused approach to decision making to achieve desired outcomes, realise benefits and deliver value for money.

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Effective project governance and management structures are vital in ensuring project success and should be scaled and shaped to address the complexity of each project. OCM is a trusted and highly competent provider of project governance and management services and have worked closely with many organisations and third party Project Management providers.

Our team have extensive hands on experience in Project Director/ Manager roles, Project Assurance and PMO establishment  roles.  We provide a range of services including;

  • Secondment of senior and expert project managers and support function
  • Independent project assurance throughout the life of a project
  • Training and mentoring client officers in various Project Management roles
  • Pre-post project implementation reviews


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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is an essential component of good governance. It supports and sustains business strategy, goals and objectives in the face of disruptive events. OCM can assist with the development, implementation and maintenance of BCM policies frameworks and programs to assist you to manage a business disruption, as well as build organisational resilience.

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BCM assists in preventing, preparing for, responding to, managing and recovering from the impacts of a disruptive event. It involves designing business processes and information architecture to limit single points of failure, and developing support areas and business unit contingency plans and business resumption plans.

Our team have extensive experience in preparing and reviewing BCM frameworks and business continuity plans. Our methodology focuses on ensuring that the following key elements are addressed.

  • Prevention – Risk Management planning
  • Preparedness –  Business Impact Analysis
  • Response – Incident Response planning
  • Recovery –  Recovery planning


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ICT Risk Management

Information technology (IT) plays a critical role in many businesses. As such, it is important to identify risks to your IT systems and data, and to develop appropriate mitigation strategies. OCM can assist you to develop and implement IT risk management strategies and policies that are appropriate to your organisational context.

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Threats and risks to IT systems and data are an everyday reality for most modern businesses. Organisations have both legal and ethical requirements to protect their systems and data against theft and hackers.

The services provided by OCM’s highly experienced IT Risk Management team include;

  • Strategy, policy and procedure development
  • Development of IT risk assessment plans
  • IT Security Assessments
  • Staff training in IT risk assessment and security


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