Risk Assurance Mapping Workshop

Cathy Blunt delivered a workshop on risk assurance mapping as part of the Public Service Conference held in Canberra on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th March.  Risk assurance mapping assists the board, executives and assurance providers across an organisation to identify the assurance activities occurring over key processes and risks, and allows decisions to be made on the optimal assurance required.

In this workshop, Cathy explores the Three Lines of Defence Model, and how this is applied to risk assurance mapping, and walks participants through development of risk assurance maps at both strategic and operational levels.

Not to worry if you were unable to make the workshop in Canberra, Cathy will be delivering the risk assurance mapping course in Sydney on Thursday 27th July, immediately after the IIA International Conference.  So, as you are booking your conference ticket, consider staying one more day for the course – http://www.iia.org.au/learnDevel/eventdetail.aspx?ID=5265#.WOLnzs9PpD8