Revised Queensland Procurement Guidance

Following on from the release of the new Queensland Purchasing Strategy and Policy on 1 October 2017 the Office of the Chief Advisor – Procurement is progressively issuing updated and in some cases new procurement guidance to support the policy. Recent guidance supports the policy in relation to local preference (Putting Queenslanders First) and probity.

The local preference guidance is principles based. Departments and agencies are required to respond to the policy. However, they have discretion in how they apply it. Where a local preference is applied, it is to be a weighted assessment criteria. The weighting is up to 30% and should be set by agency policies. The guidance recommends higher weighting for construction types of projects and lower levels for other types.

The probity guidance is simplified from the previous guidance which was a joint publication with the CCC, Queensland’s anti-corruption commission. Probity has to be managed relative to value and risk. The revised guidance is now issued by the Office of the Chief Procurement Advisor. The CCC has separately issued a corruption prevention advisory on procurement and contract management.

The probity guidance also references the ACCC anti-cartel guidance which provides specific provisions which can be included in tender documents.

Queensland’s Government Owned Corporations are brought back under the Queensland Procurement Policy after being outside of that policy since July 2013.

You can download the relevant guides below:

CCC Procurement and Contract Management

QLD Department of Housing and Public Works – Putting Queenslanders First

QLD Department of Housing and Public Works – Probity and Integrity in Procurement

QLD Department of Housing and Public Works – Optimising Opportunities for Local Suppliers

QLD Department of Housing and Public Works – Local Benefits Test