Prioritising ICT & Cyber Security

On Tuesday 19 March, OCM hosted our first seminar for the year holding an informative session exploring practical applications of prioritisation of ICT and Cyber Security projects and controls.

Hosted by OCM’s  ICT & Cyber Security Principal, Andy Pack who discussed the factors in prioritisation and the three step prioritisation process – prepare, engage, manage.

Effective prioritisation needs to be simple, involve strong communication and senior management engagement, whilst organisational objectives need to be met whilst treating the likelihood and consequences of risks.

Following Andy’s presentation a Panel of experts from both the public sector an private sectors were then invited to discuss how their organisations prioritise and the challenges they face.

Thanks to our panellists

  • Lesley Honeyman (Director, Cyber Security Operations, Department of Finance Services and Innovation),
  • Karim Yousfi (Head of Operations and Delivery, Seven West Media) and
  • Ian Yip (CTO, Asia Pacific McAfee)

for providing insights into their Organisations – prioritisation is challenging in every industry.

To request a copy of the presentation or view a recording of the seminar please email Andy Pack for the password.

Ian Yip, Andy Pack, Lesley Honeyman and Karim Yousfi