Our WCI Services

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As one of Australia’s leading and fastest growing advisory and assurance providers, OCM assists organisations enhance their systems and procedures, strengthen controls and improve operating performance. We offer a comprehensive suite of Assurance, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Probity, Procurement and Workplace Conduct & Investigations (WCI) services to public sector and private clients in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

Understanding and managing people is one of the most pivotal, intricate and sensitive aspects of running a successful organisation. When done well, the rewards for employers, employees and other key stakeholders are tangible. Our practice offers end to end workplace solutions encompassing advisory operations and dispute resolution.

Our Services:

• Fraud Control
• Fraud Risk Identification and Mitigation
• Workplace Investigations and Support
• Whistleblowing Response
• Work, Health & Safety
• Training (WHS, Conduct, Ethics & Values)
• Mediation and Workplace Grievances

Our Team:

We have carefully selected our experienced Workplace Conduct Team and each person has a minimum of 10 years’ experience covering local, state and federal government, professional practice and private enterprise. The WCI Team consists of lawyers, mediators, trainers, investigators, auditors and risk experts. We have private and public-sector professionals who have worked at leading law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies.

Our Approach:

Our WCI practitioners have been extensively involved in helping organisations put systems in place to prevent and respond to workplace conduct issues. We will work with you by looking at ways to improve your systems and procedures, strengthen controls, reduce cost and improve operating performance.

OCM understands clients demand the highest quality deliverables and therefore places emphasis on quality assurance at every stage of our work.

Often it is better to respond to workplace issues via an independent third party to ensure that facts can be obtained without involving internal decision makers. This ensures the impartiality of the process and will lead to extra confidence in your decision making.