Our Procurement Services

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As one of Australia’s leading and fastest growing advisory and assurance providers, OCM assists organisations enhance their systems and procedures, strengthen controls and improve operating performance. We offer a comprehensive suite of Assurance, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Probity, Procurement and Workplace Conduct & Investigations (WCI) services to public sector and private clients in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

In today’s complex global environment, our experienced procurement practitioners help organisations procure smarter through the ‘Plan, Source, Manage’ cycle. Increasingly the challenge of managing ‘business as usual’ with other competing priorities such as Procurement Accreditation, major systems implementation and large organisational change has seen agencies and organisations turn to OCM for assistance in managing their procurement activities. Similarly, organisations and agencies are seeking OCM’s assistance to focus on improving procurement outcomes.

Our Services:

• All aspects of the Procurement Cycle:
– Plan
– Source
– Manage
• Procurement Reviews
• Procurement Accreditation
• Supplier Relationship Management
• Contract Reviews and Health Checks

Our Team:

Procuring smarter within an organisation adds value well beyond the traditional bottom line. As a strategic function, procurement can assist organisations to mitigate risk, improve outcomes, realise benefi ts, and collaborate effectively across the organisation and strategic suppliers. OCM, with its strong background in governance and probity, understands the operating environment organisations are required to work within. We assist organisations in navigating and adapting to these to optimise their organisational agility whilst meeting the agreed outcomes.

Our Approach:

OCM’s methodology includes a ‘top-down’ consultative approach with a ‘bottom-up’ transactional analytics approach. Our approach is risk-based, value focused, independent, objective and compliant with Professional Practice Standards. The pragmatic and value adding insights OCM provides through our range of services have assisted our clients to improve their processes and practices in a probity rich environment. This has led them to successfully award key supplier contracts, identify and convert savings opportunities, better strategically manage suppliers and achieve procurement accreditation.