Our Probity Services

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As one of Australia’s leading and fastest growing advisory and assurance providers, OCM assists organisations enhance their systems and procedures, strengthen controls and improve operating performance. We offer a comprehensive suite of Assurance, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Probity, Procurement and Workplace Conduct & Investigations (WCI) services to public sector and private clients in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

The term probity refers to the integrity, uprightness and honesty of a process. As Government agencies and departments increasingly interact with the private sector, processes are becoming more complex. The OCM team can provide both the public and private sector with the expertise required to manage projects of all sizes, particularly where high values and project complexities increase probity risks.

Our Services:

• Probity Advice and Reviews
• Probity Plans and Better Practice Guidelines
• Contract Letting / Management Advice and Reviews
• Probity Risk Management
• Probity Training
• Managing Conflicts of Interest

A Market Leader:

OCM is a market leader in the provision of probity services streamlined by a team of professionals with extensive experience in delivering services to leading Government organisations, professional and private enterprise.

Our Team:

Our probity specialists have an unrivalled wealth and depth of knowledge and technical experience that can provide you and your stakeholders with an impartial view of procurement and associated activities, particularly where high values and project complexities increase probity risks.

Our Approach:

We work with organisations to increase the integrity of processes when letting and awarding contracts and seek to find remedies to procurement issues that are pragmatic and proven.

OCM places emphasis on quality assurance at every stage of our work whilst investing significantly greater senior resource time than would typically be provided. Cost efficiencies are achieved through improved transparency, sensible controls, and effective risk management. We provide experienced and practical probity coverage, resourcing and reporting that ensures the impartiality of the process and confidence in your decision making.