OCM Local Government Experts

Industry Capability Statement Local Government

OCM is a recognised leader in the provision of range of professional services to local government organisations (LGs) across Australia. Our practitioners have a detailed understanding of local government operations and the regulatory and legislative frameworks in which they operate. We have longstanding relationships as trusted advisors and partners to many large and small local government organisations in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

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We understand that your business partner needs to provide you with balanced, measured and timely advice which gives due regard to your individual risk factors. We align our advice to three core elements: Assurance, Insight, and Objectivity.

Our People:

We operate a different delivery model to that of our competitors in that we only employ practitioners with substantial experience in their specific area of expertise. Each of our LG team members has not only a minimum of fifteen years’ work experience but also retains an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by local government organisations such as finite resources, legislative requirements and multiple, complex stakeholders.

Our practitioners are drawn from a range of backgrounds including accountants, lawyers, WHS experts, a former deputy auditor general (performance audit), town planners, heads of procurement and previous “big four” partners. Further, we are able to supplement this team with more specialists as required from our offices around Australia.

Our clients regularly confirm our team is unsurpassed by any other in the market place.