New Zealand tops the World’s Best List when it comes to Procurement

New Zealand Tops the World's Best List when it Comes to Procurement

According to a new report released by Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, New Zealand tops the world rankings when it comes to government procurement.

The finding is part of the 2019 International Civil Service Effectiveness Index (InCiSE), published by the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. The Report ranks the UK top, ahead of New Zealand, Canada, Finland and Australia for overall effectiveness, but ranks New Zealand on top for procurement, with Australia coming in tenth.

The Index measures Integrity, e-procurement, role of CPB (central purchasing body), support for SME’s, Administration and Transparency from a range of data sources[1].

Why is NZ on top?

According to the report, e-procurement functions and access for SMEs contributed to New Zealand making the top spot. The report also notes that the top three countries (NZ, Denmark and the UK) were significantly higher than the rest of the countries indexed.

Australia’s scores

The graph below left shows Australia’s scores (blue being Australia and grey being the average). For comparison purposes, NZ is on the right:

Source: International  Civil Service Effectiveness Index (InCiSE) Index 2019


What does this mean?

The report indicates  Australia is below average in e-procurement. Perhaps we need to be looking at the Republic of Korea – as they had the highest score achieved for e-procurement or be asking our NZ cousins about how they utilise e-procurement and how we can better support SME’s?

While Australia scores above average on transparency we, along with others, did not score high for Integrity. Integrity in procurement is enhanced through high stakeholder participation, access to the same information for all potential suppliers, consistent assessment using sound techniques and suitably qualified assessors, e-procurement as well as strong oversight and robust risk controls.

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