Institute of Internal Auditors’ 2018 Health Sector Forum

OCM was proud to sponsor the Institute of Internal Auditors’ 2018 Health Sector Forum in Sydney last month. The forum was aimed at providing internal auditors and risk and governance professionals with the opportunity to network and hear from industry representatives about what and how to audit in this complex environment.  The quality of speakers from both clinical and non clinical backgrounds was high, leading to strong audience participation as both current challenges and upcoming challenges in the sector were discussed. OCM was pleased to meet up with many of our health clients, some of which had travelled a long way to attend.

Dr Christine Jormer from the Grattan Institute was the key note speaker and summarised the insights from the Duckett Review into safety and quality in Victorian hospitals. Dr Jormer’s learnings related to improving the usefulness and accuracy of data including more public reporting; improving incident investigations, quality of recommendations and reporting on the results; and making better use of patient and staff experience data. Dr Jormer challenged the attendees to review the “work as done” not “work as imagined” in assessing the safety and quality of health services, and to assist Boards improve their oversight of safety and quality.

Lauren Brown and Tanya Brooker from Protiviti discussed four emerging issues for Health Services to consider – theft of controlled substances, private practice arrangements, cybersecurity, workforce culture and data governance. Lauren and Tanya provided hints on how to audit these risks and what risk mitigation strategies should be in place.

A panel session on getting value out of internal audit in addressing clinical risk was facilitated by the Forum Chair, Stephen Tiley. The panel members comprised Ken Barker (Audit & Risk Committee, Mid Coast Local Health District), Louise Derley (Chief Audit Executive, Northern Sydney Area Health District), Frances O’Brien (Director Nursing, Sydney Local Health District) and Dr Bernadette Eather (Director Patient Safety, Clinical Excellence Commission), with discussion mirroring the first two presentations in terms of the issues discussed.

Stephen Tiley of Mercy Health, then presented on the difference between a clinical audit as defined by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, and an internal audit of clinical activities, as defined by the IIA. This lead to a robust question and answer session on auditing clinical processes and if Audit and Risk Committees should have clinicians as members.

Alison Moffatt presented on her experience in developing a risk assurance map for St Vincent’s Health Australia and generated discussion on risk assurance mapping experiences across the sector by participants.

The final session featured three practitioners presenting on how to put internal audit methodologies into place. Fleur Jamieson from Sydney Local Health District provided her tips and hints for reviewing medical credentialing processes, while OCM’s Cathy Blunt presented on auditing clinical incident management.

Perhaps the most popular and poignant presentation of the day came from Toni Casey from the Mater Hospital & Health Service who presented on auditing data integrity and privacy from the perspective of a carer, based on her experience when her mother was in hospital.

Pamela and Cathy also set personal KPI’s related to the stash of easter eggs on OCM’s stand of giving them all away and not eating any of them. Cathy gave away all the easter eggs without eating any but cannot vouch for Pamela’s consumption.