Financial Management Training – PNG Department of Education

Jo Hoffman, OCM Senior Associate, is currently delivering training in financial management over 5 weeks to Master Trainers for the Papua New Guinea Department of Education.  PNG parents are expected to financially contribute to their children’s school through fees or donations.  Often, schools do not have professional administration staff to manage the school finances, so the finances are managed by parents or teachers.

The objective of the training is to provide school administrators, treasurers and/or principals with skills to manage their school’s finances, ensure monies are spent on educational activities and resources to support their children, and report on their revenue and expenditure to the PNG Department of Education.

Jo worked with the Queensland University of Technology, who coordinated the project, and the PNG Departments of Finance and Education to brief government officials, establish a PNG Project Office to support logistics and a PNG based help desk, develop and deliver ‘Train the Trainer’ materials to the Master Trainers along with the financial management materials to be delivered in schools, and develop a National Training Plan to facilitate the training in schools.

At the completion of the project, over 15,600 administrators, parents and/or teachers in 8500 schools would have received the financial management training.  Now that’s what we call making a difference!