Commissioning and Contestability

Mitigating Risks in a Rapidly Changing Environment

OCM’s Workplace Conduct & Investigations (WCI) practice is currently undergoing a period of exponential growth with our quality of work fast gaining recognition as a leader in WCI. Our team has been growing with experts in emerging workplace conduct areas including mediation, training and whistleblowing response.

John Renshaw leads OCM’s Workplace Conduct & Investigation Practice (WCI). He provides probity services to OCM’s public sector clients and leads OCM’s fraud, corruption prevention and investigation areas. He is a government services specialist and has over 20 years’ experience in fraud and corruption response, governance and probity. John has worked for anti-corruption agencies such as the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption and NSW Police Integrity Commission. He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD), is a licenced Investigator in NSW and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. His recent accomplishments include working with high profile OCM public sector clients to provide probity advice including three NSW State Owned Electricity Corporations.

John has been active on the conference trail in 2017, having most recently presented at the 2017 APSAC Conference. APSACC is a biennial conference hosted by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (NSW) and the Crime and Corruption Commission (QLD). The APSACC speakers and panel members comprise leading practitioners, legal officers, social commentators and academics in anti-corruption and related fields. John presented a segment on his ‘Commissioning and contestability – mitigating risks in a rapidly changing environment’ paper.

Commissioning and Contestability (C&C) has become central to transforming the way government operates and even the way government is conceptualised. From a centrally planned set of programs delivered by employees of the state, C&C shifts the focus to outcomes for customers and communities delivered through a larger public economy, of which government is only one part.

Multiple parts of government, the private sector, and the third sector work together to produce innovative and efficient delivery models that are responsive to needs at the local level. C&C policy is at the heart of many significant reviews of existing government programs and proposals for major new programs in NSW and other Australian jurisdictions.

But these are highly disruptive changes. More of the work of government is expected to happen through mechanisms that are prone to waste, mismanagement and corruption – relationships, single source suppliers, partnerships, grants, alliances, negotiations, decentralised decisions, unsolicited proposals and innovative contracting.

This paper provides advice on mitigating the risks associated with the changes demanded by C&C. It focuses on quality and timeliness of information that government needs to have at its disposal in order to make the right decision.

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OCM’s Workplace Conduct & Investigations (WCI) practice also specialises in other areas including:

• Responding to Workplace Grievances
• Fraud Control
• Fraud Risk Identification and Mitigation
• Workplace Investigations and Support
• Whistleblowing Response
• Work, Health & Safety
• Training (WHS, Conduct, Ethics & Values)
• Mediation

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Responding to Workplace Grievances

OCM has the experience and expertise to respond to workplace grievances of any degree of complexity and sensitivity. With a depth of experience in conducting investigations and mediation with respect to grievances including allegations of bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and other workplace conduct issues. Our techniques and procedures ensure the safety and well-being of staff while seeking practical, transparent and efficient resolutions in accordance with any Standards or Agreements in place.

Fraud Risk & Control

OCM are your fraud control experts. We can help you create a fraud prevention system, conduct fraud risk workshops or test the health of your fraud control program. Our services include:

• Fraud Risk identification and mitigation
• Fraud Health Checks (Test your current fraud framework)
• Building Fraud Prevention Systems
• Fraud Awareness Training
• Fraud Investigation

Workplace Investigation & Support

OCM is an experienced provider of independent workplace investigations and works in a discrete, timely and cost-effective manner. Our services include:

• Fact Finding Investigations
• Disciplinary Investigations
• Preliminary Investigations
• Comprehensive Investigations
• Investigation Support

Whistleblowing Response

OCM offers an expert response to Whistleblowing complaints. Our highly experienced consultants will provide you with independent advice on how to respond to these complaints ensuring that you respond properly and effectively.

Work Health & Safety

OCM can help you to understand your work, health and safety responsibilities. We can help you put WHS systems in place and respond to WHS issues. Our services include:

• Advice on how to respond to WHS Complaints
• Review of Workplace WHS management systems
• WHS Investigations
• Reviews of WHS incidents to identify causal factors and residual risks
• Training in the areas of drugs and alcohol, dealing with challenging behaviour and fatigue management.


OCM’s qualified trainers are specialists in workplace conduct and WHS training. We can customise a training package for your organisation or you can choose from one of our training packages.

Current Training Packages:

Workplace Conduct Training: Code of Conduct, Conducting Workplace Investigations, Interviewing Skills, Responding to Public Interest Disclosures and Fraud Awareness.
WHS Training: WHS in the Workplace, Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace, Dealing with Challenging Behaviour and Fatigue Management.


OCM’s experienced mediators will help you to resolve disputes by acting as a neutral third party with a capacity to think objectively and laterally. Our mediators will help you move through a structured mediation process that will identify disputed issues, develop options and consider alternatives to reach an agreement. OCM was recently appointed to the NSW Health panel for Investigation and mediation services.

Our Team

Our team has been carefully selected with a range of capabilities and experience that can meet any workplace conduct issues both in the public and private sectors. With a depth of expertise ranging from lawyers, professional investigators, fraud, risk, probity, governance, mediation, training, cultural and change management experts, we have the right person to fit any circumstance. Our practitioners have been extensively involved in helping organisations put systems in place to prevent and respond to workplace conduct issues and can work with you to improve your systems and procedures, strengthen controls, reduce costs and improve operating performance.

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