Chaos and Control in Organisational Change

Robert Waldersee, OCM Principal, recently presented at the November IIA Audit Exective Network meeting on Chaos and Control in Organisational Change

Robert spoke on the challenges of maintaining control during organisational change and presented lessons drawn from his work in at OCM, ICAC and previously in the academy.

Most organisations are constantly changing their internal arrangements to meet the challenges of shifting government requirements, dynamic market forces and changing industry structures.

In the speed, enthusiasm and complexity surrounding change, making sure the business remains fit for purpose can take second place. Segregations can be unwittingly bypassed, reporting lines confused and internal checks weakened. In the worst case, the erosion of internal controls become conducive to fraud and corruption.

The presentation covered risk management approaches that have been shown to be effective in keeping control during complex change programs.

For further information please contact Robert Waldersee or your OCM representative.