Month: August 2017

Project Futures

This quarter we initiated conversations with a local not for profit that works to support women and girls affected by human trafficking and slavery. PROJECT FUTURES connects people to the issue by creating meaningful experiences that raise funds, educate and empower others to take action, ensuring that women and girls in Australia and Cambodia are supported to overcome extreme trauma and abuse.

Agile Procurement and Governance

The issue for traditional procurement, particularly in the public sector, is that by the time a procurement has been conducted, the requirement has changed or evolved. Conventional contracting approaches do not reflect the real-world context of the project, the rapid change or volatility. So how can we maximise the concept of agile procurement and enhance commercial outcomes whilst ensuring good governance?

What’s in a Name?

That which we call a record by any other name, would need to be retained as per the archives!!! According to the National Archives of Australia – “Information created, sent and received as Australian Government business is a record”. This includes records created by Ministers and all government employees, consultants and contractors. So, given the angst that records management has given lately, one could be forgiven for thinking that records management would be well understood and resourced with all public records adequately protected, retained and valued as the important organisational resource that they are. Having completed countless records management audits with OCM clients, we have found that this is not always the case.