Month: May 2017

Change Management in Practice

At OCM, we recognise that the pace of change across government can have some highly visible effects. New programs, mergers, downsizing or outsourcing are all attention grabbers. But in the background the changes can also be eroding the web of incentives, norms, reporting structures, management capabilities, processes and so on that regulate the conduct of the members of the organisation. OCM has developed a 45-point change ‘health check’ that focuses attention on those elements of change management that are central to keeping control during the often-chaotic times of change.

Financial Management Training – PNG Department of Education

Jo Hoffman, OCM Senior Associate, is currently delivering training in financial management over 5 weeks to Master Trainers for the Papua New Guinea Department of Education. The objective of the training is to provide school administrators, treasurers and/or principals with skills to manage their school’s finances, ensure monies are spent on educational activities and resources to support their children, and report on their revenue and expenditure to the PNG Department of Education.