Month: April 2017

OCM’s Seminar Series – Keeping Control in the Chaos of Change – 25th May

The session examines the practical steps organisations take to maintain integrity during change. This includes: Building change readiness, installing effective and accountable management structures, building change measurement and information systems, raising risk mitigation efforts, and reviewing operational controls. For further information please contact OCM on 1300 882 633 or

OCM’s Risk Management Training – Government of Nepal

Pat McCallum, Bob McDonald and Cathy Blunt have just completed delivery of risk management training to 12 delegates from the Financial Comptroller General Office (FCGO) from the Government of Nepal.  The FCGO’s role is similar to Treasury Departments here in

Risk Assurance Mapping Workshop

Cathy Blunt delivered a workshop on risk assurance mapping as part of the Public Service Conference held in Canberra on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th March.  Risk assurance mapping assists the board, executives and assurance providers across an