2017 CPN Forum (Corruption Prevention Network): The Changing Threat Landscape – 5th September 2017

Upcoming Event – 2017 CPN Forum (Corruption Prevention Network): The Changing Threat Landscape

Speaker Robert Waldersee, Principal, OCM – Change Management – Operational Risk

Date: Tuesday 5th September 2017    Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Dockside Pavillion, Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour, NSW 2000

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The forum designed for public, private and NGO sector professionals will especially appeal to all working in roles that touch on Governance, Risk and Compliance, Audit, Fraud and Corruption prevention and Regulation.

Robert will be addressing the conference at 10:45 regarding Change Management and Operational Risk

Whether it is council amalgamations, commissioning and contestability, changes to shared service arrangements, cluster mergers and splits, or budget cuts; the frequency, pace and scale of change seems unprecedented. For many it is difficult enough to cope with the immediate demands of change as redundancies, recruitment, restructures and relocation pile on top of each other. People issues can become particularly salient with the need to build support and engagement on one hand, and to deal with declining morale and capabilities on the other.

More insidious though is the largely invisible erosion of controls that change can introduce. Changes in incentive structures and group norms can produce perverse and unintended outcomes. Loss of managers and corporate memory can weaken capabilities when they are needed most.

While focusing on the difficult process of change management, the increased conduct risk may pass unnoticed. Numerous agencies that have been subject of ICAC inquiries were shown to have control gaps that had arisen as a result of change: Processes had lost segregation, reporting lines were broken, systems were not integrated, management was physically removed from staff, and accountability was unclear.

The session examines the practical steps organisations take to maintain integrity during change. This includes:

  • Building change readiness
  • Installing effective and accountable management structures
  • Building change measurement and information systems
  • Raising risk mitigation efforts
  • Reviewing operational controls.

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